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Aspen Clean

By BRANDING, Fashion

Aspen Clean is an established cleaning company and manufacturer of Eco-friendly household cleaning products in Canada. They recently implemented a cradle-to-cradle environmental design vision, with their new product packaging being 100% recyclable. This new vision entailed a new direction in branding and the company’s marketing materials.

Project Goals

To create and manage Aspen Clean’s social media channel’s content and design.


The internal marketing group provided their existing materials as well as the new direction that they were about to take. I came up with 2 content calendars for the next two months which touched on related topics such as house-cleaning, eco-friendly products, de-cluttering, and healthy living.


It was a challenge to balance these two as I was taking on an established brand, but with the help of their internal creative team, I was able to create assets that matched the existing campaign.


The new content we provided resulted in more engagements and views, increasing Aspen Clean’s traffic and sales.