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Organika is a well-established health and wellness company in Richmond, BC. Since 1990, Organika has grown from a small business with four products to a globally-recognized brand offering more than 600 premium natural health solutions. With people becoming increasingly fascinated with Instagram Stories as a more authentic and less filtered alternative to regular Instagram posts, they recently needed help in designing these and their other social ads.


To increase views, reach over-all brand awareness and meet the marketing team’s targeted revenues for the specific campaigns.


We helped create the ad content which was designed around their new flagship products. The campaign was deployed on Instagram Stories, with corresponding placements in Google and Facebook.


With limitations in size and viewing time, I had to think of good, bite-sized, content as the product images were required to be in the ad. As they were single-frame stories, I had to make each second count.


The new ads we provided resulted in increased engagements and views, meeting and increasing the marketing team’s goals for the campaign.