Project Goals

It was fun working with Janno, Jun and Dorothy in rebranding their filipino restaurant in New Westminster. We took around three months for the conceptualization phase,  but after we nailed the design, the rest flowed easily.


The original logo was centred around the frying pan, and it had to be present in the new logo. (If you look closer, you’ll see it.) They finally decided to go with the simpler design for the main logo, while we kept a “fun variant” with more vibrant colors and velocity for use in promos and social media.


I submitted design studies that were too polarizing concept-wise. The family was torn in their decision throughout the process but the takeaways from the discussions led to a good design compromise.


The rebranding and new website design gave a fresh new look for their  thousands of daily visitors. The new logo is currently being used on all of their in-store branding, packaging and more.