Our Tasks

Branding and Logo Design
Brand Book
Mood Board and Storyboard for video shoot
Website Design

Project Goals

The client needed to rebrand to a more modern, sophisticated, yet simple look. They needed to reflect this look on the new website and their social media channels. The client also expressed concern that they needed fresh content (videos and photos) so I worked with a local photographer and videographer to achieve the new branding look.


During our initial meeting, the client started drawing a letter S and a sandwich mashup. I followed up on the concept by using the fibonacci sequence in designing and measuring a perfectly balanced Uppercase S. The corresponding sandwich buns nest perfectly in the curves or “counter-space” of the S, and the buns “sandwich” the logotype neatly in the middle.


Designing an outlined logo comes with scaling challenges. The line thickness should be thick enough to be seen from certain screens and distances, yet still thin enough to achieve the desired look.


After the brand was established, a mood-board was created. We worked closely with the client in achieving the proper tone and texture for the website photo and videography. The result was a sound approach which combined the boldness of the photos with the simplicity of the line-based logotype.