Project Goals

During my 18-month stint as Vancouver Sign Group’s Head of Marketing, my task was to help improve carry over their existing branding parameters to their website, printed material, and social media channels.


The marketing teamĀ  started by revisiting the existing brand book. Working closely with management, I was able to improve on certain branding elements like font and color usage, and through the coming months, used these parameters to design a brand new look for VSG.


In defining the audience, we concluded that the business should focus more on a B2B approach, with focus on community building in the signage industry, rather than a direct B2B marketing approach.


After deploying the new brand parameters, their social media following by 80% in less than a year, with their Google Review rating improving from 3.1 to 4.8 stars. The over-all engagement grew by 30% more inquiries on their website and social channels per day.