A Little About We Book Care

We Book Care is the second venture of the Independent Lifestyles group, a leading home care company in Gibson’s BC. In 2018 they closed their brick and mortar offices to launch an on-demand caregiving app. 

Project Goals

My task was to create a brand that resonates with the old business yet be fresh enough to represent the new app.


A caregiver booking system has to consider the two personas using the app: The caregiver and care seeker. I designed the brand considering both age groups and demographics. The copy writing and tone for both personas were different, as well as their engagement times, and a good middle-ground had to be decided on, content and schedule-wise. I used the original brand colors in building the new app logo, to initiate brand recall.

It required a few months of re-adjusting the campaigns until we were getting a good download ratio between careseekers and care givers. Using the approach Uber did for drivers, we had to push for our care giver’s profiles to go live as priority, then we moved on to selling the app to its base users (care seekers).


The app was launched in October 2021. I am currently working on the pitch deck and presentations to help move them to the next stage of funding.

What I Did

Branding and Logo Design
Brand Book
Marketing Bible
Pitch Deck
App UI Design
Website Design
Social Media Calendar
Social Media Content Design